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Supply Bridge

Enabling the Unsung Heroes of Industries.

In an ultra-competitive industry like Automotives, suppliers like you often find yourself facing significant challenges that limit your access to new opportunities. Having been in the same position, our supply bridge team has developed a network and platform designed to provide the critical support you need to overcome these challenges.

A Complete Solution to Address Real Pain Points:

At Supply Bridge, we're more than just a technology and software company; we're a catalyst for change in an area that's long been in need of transformation. We are on a mission to transform this critical yet often overlooked part of the business landscape.

Our Culture

Prioritizing user-centricity

Making your daily supply chain journey smooth as silk is our obsession.

Simplifying and streamlining processes

“Less is more”. We’re here to strip away the excess, unravel the complexities.

Our goal: simplify, streamline and optimize your process.

Encouraging innovation

Innovation isn't just a word; it's the rhythm that beats in the heart of Supply Bridge.

Talent is our greatest asset

Assembling the A-Team, and unleashing everyone’s greatest potential. We learn, fail, grow, and succeed together.

Meet the Team

What sets our team apart is not just their expertise, but also their intimate understanding of the challenges that riddle the supply chain & technology.

They've navigated the complexities, frustrations, bottlenecks, but also seen opportunities and best practices. Their unwavering belief and hands-on experience are the beating heart of our mission

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Industry Experts at Your Service

With decades of combined experience in supply chain management, our visionary founding team bring a wealth of knowledge from both the buyer and supplier sides of the industry.

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Deep Technical Engineering Expertise

The technical team at our startup boasts an impressive blend of deep technical expertise in the realms of AI, ML, and Data Science.

A Global Footprint

From the bustling streets of San Francisco to the heart of Tokyo, we're a globally connected force. With teams in Munich, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Istanbul, and more, our reach knows no bounds. We're bringing supply chain innovation to your doorstep, wherever that may be.

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